Stay Dreamin


Stay Dreamin

Release date: 14/05/2019 Label: Lost Ones / Virgin EMI



21-year-old London newcomer Wauve (pronounced as rhyming with suave) releases his latest offering ‘Stay Dreamin’ via Virgin EMI/Lost Ones


Wauve is back with the official video for ‘Stay Dreamin’.

 Directed by Capone & Guise, the dreamy visuals set the scene for Wauve’s latest melodic anthem.

Wauve further shares the inspiration behind the song:

"I was chilling in the studio when a girl randomly popped up and snapped me saying how she saw me in a dream last night, singing a song on a guitar with her. I just chuckled to myself and recorded this song that night”

Signed to Virgin EMI’s Lost Ones imprint, Wauve, who's unique blend of R&B-infused afrobeat draws from his East African background has already begun to gain attention with previous releases including ‘For You’ and ‘Wayside Story’ featuring Kida Kudz.

 Starting his journey as a producer at age 13 With the help of a laptop that he’d found on the street, YouTube tutorials and a cracked version of FL Studio, Wauve began to replicate the sound of trap pioneer Lex Luger. Eventually Wauve began to find the confidence to begin experimenting as a songwriter himself.

The resulting sound is a unique blend that fuses the Eritrean music that he heard from his parents, with the pop sensibilities he picked up from watching Top Of The Pops, the R&B songs that he hoarded on his MP3 player and the Southern trap beats that inspired the beginning of his career. “My melodies are more R&B,” he explains of the fusion, “and I’m East African so I’m more pentatonic with the scales. I’m from the other side of the continent to most of the popular afrobeat artists, so I’m bringing something different to it.”

‘Stay Dreamin’ showcases Wauve’s prominent sound and further proves that he’s due to be an undeniably noteworthy figure in the UK music scene.


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