Feel For You (FooR Remix)


Feel For You (FooR Remix)

Release date: TBC Label: AMSLiCE RECORDS







"When I heard his vocals and track All or Nothing he immediately caught my attention. " - Noreen Khan, BBC Asian Network

“AMiR puts in an incredible performance on all parts of the track, making the composition his own with typically funkadelic guitar licks and a distinctive bass-line, providing a silky groove foundation for AMiR’s powerful topline.” Unsigned Music Awards



Born in North-London to a Punjabi father and a mother from the midlands, AMiR has always had a burning passion for music. Since the tender age of two, AMiR has been an all-out music obsessive. Spending his formative years learning guitar, piano and drums, AMiR has worked to become the complete musician. AMiR’s story begs the question, to what point is an artists work synonymous with their heritage? As an artist of Indian descent, AMiR often finds himself pigeon-holed with an expectation to reference an Asian influence in his music, lifestyle and decision-making. Looking to represent a contemporary, British-Indian mindset, that embraces positivity, expression and a freedom to reject or accept traditional cultural pressures.


“I love my Indian heritage, family and values i’ve been raised with and am lucky to have the freedoms i’ve had. But there’s still, an underlying, backward mentality within the community that’s defined the lives of some of my friends and family. Issues such as sexuality, career choices, marriage and gender still fall under scrutiny. I hope that my, incredibly western sounding pop music, can show people that your heritage needn’t define your path..”


AMIR crafts all his own melodies and lyrics,delivering them with his trademark funky vocal style. As an artist, he’s constantly writing and honing his craft. Combining accessible pop appeal with issues such as the search for good in bad, or how to move on when stuck, in love and life. His songwriting talents have lead to opportunities to work with Grammy winning producers in the United States and Europe, including Peter and Daniel (MatomaGalantisDFA) and Patrick Patrikios (Little Mix).


Last year, AMiR launched his new sound with ‘Drench Me With Lust’ to critical acclaim. Spotify’s curation team got behind the track, boosting the track to over 100K streams in just over a week. Then to finish 2017, AMiR released the electro-funk single ‘All Or Nothing’ with a significant remix package. The release cemented AMiR as an artist on the rise, with regular plays via Kiss FM and a host of other national radio stations, ‘All Or Nothing’ entered the Urban Club Chart at #7 as well as breaching the top 10 pop and urban club charts. The track was also featured as the BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’ in late October and more recently, AMiR was shortlisted as one of BBC Asian Network’s Sounds of 2018.  


The new single is an exquisitely executed example of AMiR’s extensive skill-set. Funky and uplifting in equal measure, it’s a disco influenced track that puts a smile on your face without ever sounding cheesy. There’s a distinctly 70’s feel to the track, coupled with a contemporary production standard. This one’s best served in the sunshine..


“The music represented summer to me when I heard it and the lyrics I wrote came from where I was emotionally at the time. It sits between Bruno mars and the weeknd for me.”