Introducing: KAYOSOUL

Wednesday 27th June 2012

“Everybody Wants Somebody” is the first single released by fresh new UK unsigned artist Kayosoul, taken from his debut EP “My Name Is Kayosoul” (out now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify).

Watch the video here:

People who have listened to Kayosoul’s music have likened his sound to quite a few artists that he is genuinely chuffed to be mentioned alongside. Commentators regularly say his sound is similar to the likes of UK soul legends Omar and Lynden David Hall, more so when they’ve heard the relaxed soulful vibes of the track “Just One Wish”.  Others have also said that they can hear influences of Michael Jackson in Kayosoul’s sound, especially in tracks such as Dancing In The Rain.  One of the biggest compliments he says he has received was when a respected close friend once said to Kayo after hearing his demo song “Pieces”; “if Michael Jackson were still alive, I am sure he would have loved to sing this song.” This is a comparison that gives Kayosoul great pleasure as he absolutely reveres Michael Jackson’s music and is Kayo’s favourite artist of all time. “I think the comparison comes from my love and use of harmonies, both in falsetto as well as in full voice; which is one of many things that MJ was a pure and genius of.”

Kayosoul’s debut EP, “My Name Is Kayosoul” features 6 songs of funkified beats and soulful R&B vibes. Subject matter ranges from songs about living in London and the UK (Don’t Put Me In A Box), love in the past, present and future (Another You, Just One Wish and Everybody Wants Somebody) and reflective philosophies on life (Dancing In The Rain).

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