Tuesday 15th May 2012

Grammy Nominated Vocalist Karyn White Invites You into Karyn’s World

Celebrated Singer “Seizes the Day” With Her Triumphant Return to the Music Scene

Karyn White continues to “Seize the Day” as she sets to release her new CD “Carpe Diem,” her first new release in over 18 years, on her website www.Karynsworld.me. Coming off of a spectacular debut, 3-night 4-show return to the stage at the exquisite, sophisticated Rrazz Room in San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko in beautiful Union Square, Karyn is really embracing today’s technology and taking full advantage of being able to touch and communicate with her own fan base.

“What I realized is I don’t need to be under the banner of any major record company or distribution system to be heard or felt by my fan base.  They will find me if they want to and with the advent of social media, internet radio and digital distribution, with forward-thinking management, a great publicist and a strong social media team, you can be effective, efficient and successful doing this yourself!”

Karyn’s World is the exclusive outlet for those who visit her to purchase her new CD (Carpe Diem) as a digital downloadable album or a physical CD, her new book of positive affirmations and thoughts, “Carpe Diem,” and a 2 ft by 3 ft poster of her Carpe Diem CD cover.  To find out more about Karyn, visit her website at www.Karynsworld.me

“I’m just excited by what I see going on in the entertainment industry; it’s so revolutionary and explosive and I’ve been gone for a long time, so I just want to say thank you to all of my fans, supporters and friends for waiting around for me to come back, and I just want to say Carpe Diem baby!!!  Let’s seize this day!

Check out this great behind the secenes video on the making of the album here:

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