CHIDI new album EXHALE drops May 2012

Wednesday 14th March 2012

UK Soulstress Chidi prepares for the release of her second album Exhale this coming May.

An accomplished singer/songwriter, Chidi has toured on b/v’s with Stevie Wonder , James Brown and most recent with Ms Bailey Rae …..and the Queen of disco Gloria Gaynor.
Her debut album UnRehearsed scored highly with the soul fraternity in 09, and the new record cleverly covers all the diverse aspects of what we call soul…..delivered from a reserved but bountiful vocal.
Exhale is already scoring a soul buzz, with cuts already being hailed by the likes of Snowboy , Chris Philips , Peter Young , SoulCuts  and Craig Charles.
Get a taste of the forthcoming album here with the gorgeous quality soul cut I Love It When We Talk.
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UK Soul at its finest!