Tuesday 29th November 2011

There’s a brilliant interview with Winston Warrior in the†latest edition of On Wax magazine, talking about new album Lifeology 101.

Says Winston on the music business:

“A lot of artists fail to realize that this is a business and we say it all the time but they donít focus on the business side of music. I say itís 40 percent music and 60 percent business. In fact, it could go more toward the business side depending on who you talk to. Theyíre so focused on the music that they forget everything else. They forget about their publishing, having a really good manager or business partner. A of artists are concerned with the other stuff. The fluff stuff. I was concerned with that stuff early on myself which is one of the reasons why the group didnít make it. The chicken wings, the Hennessey and Courvoisier and how many people they can get on their guest list. You turn around and you donít have any money, you havenít written anything and youíre a puppet.”

Good stuff!

Read the interview in full here: