LALAH HATHAWAY talks to Blues & Soul

Thursday 24th November 2011

There’s a great new interview with Lalah Hathaway in the new edition of Blues & Soul, where she talks in-depth about her new album Where It All Begins.

Says Lahah on how the new record differs from her previous albums:

“Well, the main thing is, it’s a record that I really did take my time putting together MYSELF. You know, while in the past there’s always been an A&R person or other people standing over me to sorta shepherd the process, this one marks the first time where the people around me have said ‘Well, clearly we don’t need to DO that – she knows what she’s DOING’… And I think that it’s when you allow the artist to breathe and allow them that room, that you end up getting true ART! I mean, my intent was to put this album together myself as though I was an INDEPENDENT artist. You know, I made every phonecall; I scheduled every session; I approached all the musicians; I chose all the songs; I put the studio time together… So yeah, this record genuinely was a labour-of-love and really does represent my own expression through-and-THROUGH! In terms of the MUSIC, the PRODUCTION of the music, the SOUND of the music – and just the artistry of it as a WHOLE.”

Read the interview in full here: