Introducing WINSTON WARRIOR with debut album Lifeology 101?

Tuesday 8th November 2011

Introducing Winston Warrior, an Atlanta-bred R&B singer and songwriter, whose debut album, Lifeology 101 is set for a UK release late November. The album, a completely independent release, will be available via iTunes, Amazon, on Winston Warrior’s own label, Vintage Records.

Lifeology 101 is a dream come true for Winston Warrior, who was an original member of the ‘90s R&B group, Lo’ Profile. The group celebrated performance and press accolades to support their undeniable talent, however, a recording contract that was within reach was quickly snatched away, along with their dream of success. After years of spiraling through a vicious cycle of self-doubt and insecurity, Winston Warrior, with the support of his close friends, pushed through and has reemerged with life lessons to share.

Watch the video for the lead cut Bad 4 U here:

For Lifeology 101, Winston Warrior fashions a relatable storyboard of experiences common to all. While most of the songs’ thematic content revolves around the phases of love, the overarching message of the album is one of progression; maintaining the pursuit of your goals in spite of life’s obstacles.

With the creative genius of collaborators and producers, Don Vito and Sean McMillion from Don Vito Productions, Selasi “The African Kid”, Lenny Hamilton, Jr., and Trey “DJ Gman” Thomas, as well as international special guest, SeizVres Palace, Winston Warrior reminisces on his heartbreaks, failures, achievements, and how he found closure and knowledge in every experience to become the man and artist he is today.

An avid fan of soul and R&B, Winston Warrior creates music that embraces the original sounds while honoring the contributions of the genres’ legendary figures. His throwback lyricism melded with modern hip hop beats are precisely why Winston coins his music “Vintage R&B.”  “Bad 4 U”, the album’s debut single epitomizes Winston’s signature style and has already garnered significant internet and satellite radio play. Pairing warm vocal tones with picturesque narration and vintage synths, Winston Warrior has created a 12 track album that showcases both his strong writing and vocal abilities.  

Lifeology 101 Tracklisting:

1.           Keep Movin

2.           Winner

3.           Walk With U

4.           Elevator

5.           Willin’ 2 Work 4 It (One of the Best)

6.           Crossroads

7.           Tuck U In

8.           Ready 2 Love

9.           Fragile

10.         Get On

11.         Bad 4 U

12.         Bad 4 U – The SeizVres Palace Remix


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