ROXY 5000 release new single in aid of Youth Music charity.

Tuesday 18th October 2011

Roxy5000 is a music project that was created in late 2009 by the man they call Roxy Prince.

In June 2010 Roxy5000 released their first official single featuring the legendary Omar and Shawn Lee entitled When Love Takes Over, achieving huge global airplay on FM/NET radio via Facebook.  Since then Roxy released their second single Never Going Back featuring Terri Walker.

In light of the recent troubles that have dominated the UK Roxy5000 has decided to join forces with Jerry Meehan and Ollie Thompson from Bryan Ferry’s band to create a platform to raise money for Youth Music by releasing Roxy5000’s next single Love Like A Lady, and donating all digital download profits to the charity.

Check out the video here:

Says Roxy Prince: “I know just how hard it is to find your path in life, and once found how hard it is to walk that path. With the support of the people we can help to give the youth of today a glimmer of hope by introducing them to the world of Music. Let us heal the forgotten through music and make a change.”

Love Like A Lady is an inspired soul track aimed at keeping the plight of forgotten youth affected by negative opportunity at the forefront of our conscience.

Roxy’s album Fan Page is a concept album focused around life today, covering funk, pop, soul, jazz, blues and reggae.

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