Stay Alive ft The London Symphony Orchestra (Ben Keen Remix)


Stay Alive ft The London Symphony Orchestra (Ben Keen Remix)

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YB releases special single 'Stay Alive' - Ben Keen remix (Feat. London Symphony Orchestra)

Korea's quintessential rock band YB’s special single is the orchestra version of 'Stay Alive', remix by Ben Keen, DJ and recording producer in the UK. It has been finished at such a high quality that it was self-proclaimed as a "memorable masterpiece" composed by Yoon Dohyun- lead vocalist.

YB is known to be No.1 rock band from South Korea and ?The multiple awards winning YB sold 2 million album copies and performed over 100 live converts with 500,000 audiences in a year. They also have performed in 44 cities from the UK, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada and Japan.The band has released nine full-length studio albums and numerous other releases and live albums.

Performed together this time with the world renown 'London Symphony Orchestra', 'Stay Alive' is a beloved and representative song for YB, with an electronic arrangement version also released in their 2010-release EP [YB vs RRM].

Regarding this single, YB notes that their most powerful weapon is 'evolution', their effort to overcome the limits of self-replication and continuously try things never attempted in Korean music history. Performed together with the London Symphony Orchestra, 'Stay Alive' proves that YB is continuously and energetically evolving as the collaboration of psychedelic alternative rock and orchestra breaks the mold where collaboration with a globally recognized orchestra was previously restricted to pop ballads. It was not an easy attempt, as even the symphony members - some of the world's best performers - found the recording process difficult. But they were able to happily finish recording after achieving a new and powerful sound.

Last December, YB finished recording the orchestra version of 'Stay Alive' with the 41-member London Symphony Orchestra in Air Studio, founded by Sir Goerge Martin, the main producer of the Beatles. The string arrangement was handled by Yamashita Kousuke, who had also worked on the 30th-anniversary orchestra performance arrangement for Japan's premier vocalist Tamaki Koji. Mixing, mastering, and engineering were handled by Geoff Foster, who has worked with legendary musicians including Sting and Radiohead. YB's 'Stay Alive' has been reborn as an even deeper and majestic rock number through its performance with the 41-member orchestra. It is said that the solid and powerful vocals of the not-so-young Yoon Dohyun, as well as YB's experience and teamwork, drew the admiration of the members. Anticipation is rising for the release of the music video, with YB's performance aesthetically filmed in the red-tinged studio.