We Are Neon


We Are Neon

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ATK.VCTRS a.k.a Kris Tearse is an artist, composer and producer based in the north west of Leicestershire, UK.

Kris Tearse started his musical career performing in a number of bands including Balance of Silence, The Campbell Theory, Death of London, Codex Leicester and FireFields who produced Vangelis Inspired Sci-Fi Soundtracks.

In his own words he says "I moved between projects with varying styles from Pop to Americana through to loud shouty stuff and eventually through to Vangelis inspired sci-fi soundscape. I have also been involved in the composition of music for feature length and short films as well as a number of adverts".

ATK.VCTRS composes and mixes everything at his own 'Mute City Studios' using Native Instruments and Roland hardware and describes the creation process as "Once a track is composed the mix is then taken to an engineer friends studio, Davros Towers, for further mixing before the track is sent for mastering".

ATK.VCTRS has a very eclectic taste in music and this is evident in his diverse productions with influences including acts like The Beach Boys, Lazerhawk, Aphex Twin, Napalm Death, Miami Nights 1984, Deafheaven, Deep Purple, The Kinks and the outstanding Fabriclive 13 album.

The current sound is influenced by Synthwave, Vaporwave and in his own words "Anything with a nice dash of retro synth goodness. Basically if it’s got a hook... I’ll probably like it".

The brand new single from ATK.VCTRS is entitled 'We are Neon' and is taken off the E.P 'Our Night Drive' out now from all good digital stores on Mute City Records.