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Release date: TBC Label: Fierce Angels


Fierce Angel commence 2018 with the first in a series of releases from Mirifico. The second single release from Mirifico’s album “The Last Unicorn” is “Substitute.” The track is written and sung by the amazing Sam Obernik and this release features two remixes by the Fierce Collective. 

Mark Doyle is the main man behind the Fierce Collective and each remix features him working with one of his favourite “fierce” producers. The “Dark Thursday” mix is a collaboration with Jason Havenhand (Riffs n’ Rays). A darker twist on the nu-disco sound of the original this is perfect for those deeper moments in your set.

For those with a more disco 4-to-the-floor set we give you the “Shiny Disco” mix which has Mark collaborating with Richie Jones from Degrees Of Motion.

Substitute will receive a full release on March 2nd and will be followed by further Mirifico singles ft. Soraya Vivian and Katherine Ellis.

“The Last Unicorn” is an album of retro-future disco deliciousness and an essential addition to the Fierce Angel catalogue. The album originally started out as a handful of amazing instrumentals. if you love Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder, Empire Of The Sun etc you will love this.

And the story of the whole album ?

It was the last great orgy of the early 80’s at a secret villa in Ibiza. It is rumoured that the guests included Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter, Nile Rogers, Dan Hartman, Donna Summer, some amazing models and an obscure Italian millionaire film-maker.

(It’s also rumoured this is where Daft Punk were conceived before their mothers went home to France).

Amongst this debauchery the idea for a fantasy film was born that would set new levels of special effects and storytelling in the fantasy medium. It was to be called “The Last Unicorn” various guests offered their services but in the harsh light of an Ibiza morning a more sober group decided to distance themselves from the project. What we do know is a number of sketches, storyboards were drawn up, some amazing instrumentals were produced.

“The Last Unicorn” was a story of two worlds on operate orbits around a double sun that came into contact every 18 years and joined together across a magical plane where the occupants of each planet can trade, war or find love. A story of two people on a journey of discovery to seek out the last Unicorn and save both their worlds while pursued by dark forces

However all of this was forgotten until the discovery of a large sealed package hidden behind a wall. The package was discovered during the renovation of the Ibiza Villa and the owner passed it onto Mark Doyle during a dinner party. Mark took it home and discovered a package of unfinished tracks, imagery and the original story (along with some very candid pictures).

Mark knew exactly the right people to complete this unique and unheard treasure, he contacted Anthony Atcherley and Mark Sanxion otherwise known as Mirifico. The music was reconstructed and singers called in to vocal essential tracks on the album including the legendary Katherine Ellis, Sam Obernik, Bonnie Bailey and Soraya Vivian.

Track listing:

1. Original Mix
2. Fierce Collective Shiny Disco Mix
3. Fierce Collective Dark Thursday MIx

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