Majestic release "I Wanna Be Down" on 3Beat Records

Sunday 7th April 2019

I Wanna Be Down

Release date: TBC Label: 3Beat


'In the mid to late 90s, I was a massive RnB fan (as well of UK Garage of course), and Brandy was the queen of RnB vocals. She's been sampled many times on garage tracks in the past, so I wanted to give it a totally fresh up to date house and garage sound. And for me that's the important thing, when I first got into music 'house music' and 'garage music' were two separate genres. What I'm trying to do is bring them both back together, and 'I Wanna Be Down' has all the elements of house and garage, 4x4 beats, rolling bass line and a quality vocal'.

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones