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    Jon Barlow / 3Beat

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Stop Start Slow Fast

Release date: TBC Label: Island


There’s nothing predictable about this refreshing Dutchman DJ/producer. Mason continues to be a musician who refuses to draw inspiration from malleable and fast changing trends around him. New single, Stop Start Slow Fast, is a perfect example of Masonexploring any musical direction he deems necessary, and of-course, he absolutely nails it.

After a childhood surrounded by an actress Mother, Sculptor Father and a sister on the stage, it’s no wonder Mason carved out his own route to electronic musical madness. Mason’s studio creations boast equal parts groove, melody and complete eccentricity – no matter what the genre. Previous works have seen a pick and mix approach that featured elements of hip hop, house, electro, funk and disco. Having expressed enjoyment in music to challenge, Mason creates an unusual balance of utterly credible house bangers, alongside some more commercially viable radio hits. Known for his break out single Exceeder back in 2007, it’s clear to see how Mason’s music has developed after twenty years working on his craft. Over that time, he’s collaborated with the likes of Stefflon DonRoisin MurphyRun DMCSwayJocelyn Brown and Kurtis Blow

New single Stop Start Slow Fast is a house track that’s holds a cheeky syncopated rhythm and a funky and equally hesitant groove. The track has already received support from mighty names in the field such as Sonny FoderaRoger SanchezThe MagicianSuperloverHorse Meat DiscoRiva Starr and Steve LawlerMason boldly makes us wait just long enough before the powerfully gritty vocals of London based collective The Manor cut through. Unexpected, exhilarating and unapologetically Mason, this single sets the tone for another slice of prolific and influential musical mayhem.

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones