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Thursday 5th April 2018

Not Your Pin Up Girl

Release date: 13/04/2018


KATIE COLEMAN Not Your Pin Up Girl


2018 has been dubbed The Year of the Woman, and Katie Coleman’s debut single ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is the perfect anthem for this revolution.

Defiant, empowering, and rebellious, three words that sum up Katie Coleman’s new single perfectly, ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is released April 13 and is set to become an instant hit.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is a song that speaks to a generation of young people held down by the weight of societal pressures, it is a single that encourages everyone to break away from these expectations and live authentically. 

Hailing from Darlington, this young singer songwriter is no stranger to performing, she has been gigging since the age of thirteen and writing music for much longer. It was in these early gigging days that she became acquainted with James Arthur, a relationship that ultimately led to him asking Katie Coleman to support him on his UK tour. Katie has also supported Nothing But Thieves, shared a stage with Mel C, and has top-lined on a Tinchy Stryder record.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ starts with vocals and a paired down piano accompaniment, a decision that lets Katie Coleman’s voice truly shine. She has an incredible range, and she moves through the octaves with a natural fluency, a feat made more remarkable by the depth and power of her voice.  The track is then taken up a gear with the inclusion of a bold and commanding drum beat, an addition that matches the powerful sentiment of the track. ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is a song that encourages women to be authoritative and confident, and this is helped by the strong drum part.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ has a clear feminist message, it is about women reclaiming their bodies and their style. “I didn’t put this dress on so you could take it off / I didn’t put this lipstick on so you could kiss is off”, it is a song about women doing things for themselves, and not for men. It has a truly inspiring message.

The accompanying video for ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is just as empowering as you would expect it to be. It was shot in the streets surrounding Manchester’s G.A.Y and, the message is clear: look the way that you want to look, and be the way that you want to be.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is strong, bold, and powerful. It is being released on April 13th, and if this single is anything to go by then 2018 is setting up to be a very exciting year for this courageous young singer song writer.

For more on Katie Coleman:www.katieciolemanoffical.com

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