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Saturday 29th July 2017

Until The Sun Go

Release date: TBC Label: Polydor


Sioux City is music that is proudly multicultural pop without borders and refreshingly, without rules. 

Colombian/Uruguayan vocal powerhouse Caterina Torres and esteemed UK producer James Ash are Sioux City. Today the duo release their debut single ‘Until The Sun Go’ and its accompanying video. The bouncy, upbeat track is available here and includes 2 remixes; by Just Us and Bad Roylae.

“Pop has a formula, you can also subvert it,” says Ash, who’s spent years doing just that. “We wanted to create something that’s new and familiar at the same time.” The result is fun, fresh, proudly multicultural pop, made by and for those who like to dance to the beat of a different drum.

‘Until The Sun Go’ is a tantalising taste of what’s to come from the pairs debut album due later this year - a bona fide international flavour that reflects both Torres’ Latin American pop roots (she was reared on Gloria Estefan and Julio Iglesias) and Ash’s love of exotic electronic styles, from moombahton to dancehall and everything in between.

On Until the Sun Go, the deceptively quintessential pop verse leads into a trappy chorus that explodes like a burst of the titular sun as Torres skits effortlessly between melodic spoken word and full-throated singing, showcasing the depth and range of her voice. The cinematic style video was directed by Paloma Zapata and filmed in sunny Barcelona capturing an energetic feel-good aesthetic.

Like the rest of the album, it’s upbeat, bouncy music is designed to make you move. “We had a good time making it; we want people to have a good time listening to it as well,” says Torres.

A project that pits together Sioux City as a new band with established roots - Ash with his background as producer for Jealous Much, and Torres with her years of professional singing travelling the world - the pair crossed paths after a chance encounter at their record label when Torres lent her vocals to Ash’s project, the warped dance music act Jealous Much. From here the duo knew this collaboration was worth exploring in more detail.

The name Sioux City was decided by fate. After Ash and Torres had finally finished the album, Torres was doing a road trip in the U.S when Ash called and they started talking about a name for themselves. She looked up and suggested the first city she saw on a road sign, it’s a place neither of them have visited, yet, like the band, is somewhat “indefinably international.”

“It fits with that idea of being unspecific and not belonging to a particular place,” says Ash. 

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones