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Monday 13th February 2017

California Dreaming

Release date: 10/02/2017 Label: Warner Brothers


A collaboration between rising Dutchproducer Arman Cekin and Swedishsinger-songwriter Paul Rey‘California Dreaming’ has amassed 13 millionstreams since first being uploaded byTrap Nation in the summer. Now the track’s profile is further boosted with the release of a new version of the tracks that adds a guest feature from the inimitable Snoop Dogg.

‘California Dreaming’ is a dreamy, chill trap production in which Paul Rey’ssoothing vocals drift over a hazy backdrop of Caribbean flourishes and restrained beats. Snoop Dogg proves to be the perfect choice for a feature as his drawled and economical rap adds a fresh dimension to the track.

In just two years, Arman Cekin has established himself as an artist with an ear for a killer melody and the ability to craft atmospherics into his track. Blending remixes of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and Rihanna’s ‘Work’ alongside originals such as ‘Show You Off’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’Arman Cekin has already racked up 65 millionplays.

Currently being mentored by the legendary Quincy JonesPaul Rey was inspired to write in English from listening to 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Eminem. He has opened for Big Sean , Nico & Vinz and Fifth Harmony, and was nominated for Best Solo Artist of the Year and Best Newcomer of the Year atSweden's Kingsize Gala.

Snoop Dogg needs no introduction.

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones