Kilian & Jo "Suburbia" Ft. Erik Rapp on Polydor

Sunday 18th December 2016

Suburbia ft. Erik Rapp

Release date: TBC Label: Polydor






There are two of them. They are a producer duo, who call Berlin their home and where they can find enough creative energy for their work – we are talking about Kilian & Jo. Never mind if piano, keyboard, drums or turntables, Kilian and Jo create from various visions and skills.

They are in between a modern electronic sound and dusty vintage apparel. Or how Kilian would say in his metaphoric words “emotions and groove have a date at Berghain”.

Instead of a creative chaos, which one might assume, they present a clear vision. Kilian and Jo are already platinum-producers. However they will not rest on their laurels. Both of them like to travel a lot, needless to say they process every experience in their songs.

So the question, who would be a suitable artist to collaborate with, isn’t an issue either. They got to know Erik Rapp, singer and co-writer of the single “Suburbia”, in Stockholm. Jo describes the collaboration affectionately: “Sometimes you have to give a try with a couple of singers, but sometimes song and singer just fit together instantly – it’s like magic”.

Not magic itself is the quintessence of their work, “we compliment and influence, we push and we fight with each other - and in the end something like music comes out of it” explains Kilian. And even if it seems to suggest itself to say that an artist duo “compliments each other perfectly”, there is so much more that applies to Kilian and Jo. So it seems almost obvious that the question “Where did you two meet?” is answered winkingly with “Tinder” by Jo.

Kilian and Jo know exactly where they are headed with their music. They have a distinctly keen sense of drum sounds, vocals and rhythms, which they compose in their heads and then bring to life.

While they can note numerous remix-productions as their own, it’s now their time to shine and cast a spell over everyone with their self-made music.

We can´t wait to get even more enchanted than we already are.



Although Erik Rapp recently turned 20 he has for a couple of years already been one of the strongest voices of young Sweden.

His R&B sounding electronic pop with lyrics that never dodge the tough topics has via the singles ”Available” and”Louder” cemented this position.

Erik’s inspiration comes from various places such as old soul singer/songwriters to bombastisk mainstream pop and he mentions TheWeeknd and Lady GaGa in the same breathe without a doubt.

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones