NEIKED want to get "Sexual" Ft.Dyo on Polydor

Thursday 13th October 2016

Sexual ft Dyo

Release date: TBC Label: Polydor


Very little is known about the NEIKED collective, the elusive masterminds behind the very obvious amazingness of ‘Sexual', a disco-tinged electropop masterpiece. No one knows how they came into contact with the UK singer Dyo who features on a song that's already been streamed 25 million times globally. So what do we know? Well we know they're from the birthplace of pop, Sweden; Standard. We also know that NEIKED is a mysterious creative hub of singers, songwriters, musicians, painters, digital people and artists. A one-stop shop for creativity, basically.

As intoxicating as pop can get, the undeniable ‘Sexual' is basically the song 2016 has been building up to. At its heart it manages to communicate a playfulness and joy that only comes from the freedom to take risks. For the floors, 'Sexual' comes with a Club & Oliver Nelson Mixes.

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones