Sarah Whatmore releases new track "Touchscreen"

Sunday 24th July 2016


Release date: TBC


British singer-songwriter Sarah Whatmore has returned with her mesmerizing new track “Touchscreen.”Of the song, Sarah says, “I wanted to do something about today’s society and how we are driven by social media… People seem to have more relationships through a machine than actual real life.” 

The self-described “very sensual, intimate song” marks Sarah’s first new music since the release of her sophomore album, “Time To Think”.Since her time away, she has collaborated on over 200 songs in studios in Norway, Sweden, America, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK. Of her long-awaited return, she notes; “This past 10 years in the music industry have been a rich journey in writing and singing, and I feel I’ve almost come full circle. It started with wanting to get my voice heard and that’s still what drives me. If I’m not singing I’m not fully living.” 

Sarah initially burst onto the scene when she won a record deal with 19 Management and RCA during the very first series of Pop Idol in 2001 with the support of both Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller. Her singles “When I Lost You” and “Automatic” put Sarah on the pop-music-map with their combination of uplifting dance-inspired melodies and her soulful, expressive vocals. Classically trained at the Manchester School of Music, the depth and range of Sarah’s voice has opened doors across the world and afforded her the chance to work with world-class artists and producers. 

After the reflective, personal style of “Time to Think”, Sarah is returning to her roots in dance music: “Looking back over my last two albums made me realise that I want to get back to writing the fun, optimistic and uplifting tunes that launched my career. Writing for dance tracks is a fine art; lyrics need to be efficient and engaging. Expressing a complex sentiment in a simple phrase that people can connect with instantly is a lot harder than it sounds, but I love the whole process.”

“Touchscreen” is available on SoundCloud now:

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Posted by Craig Jones