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  • I have used Euro Sulution exclusively for my bigger projects this year as I see a much better spread and activity than a normal DJs-only promo. Can definitely recommend them for top UK results and very detailed frequent reports on activity.
  • "The guys at Music House are the best in the business.Their enthusiasm is addictive, their knowledge of front line club promotion has been honed over many many years and the coverage their campaigns afford our releases are an integral point to our successes. Every weekend we know someone new is hearing one of our tracks due to the care and attention they give".
    Jon Barlow / 3Beat

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys’ new hits collection ‘Ultimate Pet Shop Boys’ is released on Parlophone on November 1st. The album celebrates 25 years of hits, from 1985’s ‘West End girls’ to 2009’s ‘Love etc.’ and concludes with a new song ‘Together’. The new track was written and produced with Tim Powell, and will be released as a single (date to be announced).

The Deluxe edition of ‘Ultimate’ also includes a DVD which contains a collection of rare, unreleased BBC performances dating back to 1985, as well as Pet Shop Boys’ Glastonbury 2010 performance which attracted a huge amount of critical acclaim:

"One of the most spectacular Glastonbury moments ever"Daily Telegraph

"One of the best performances of the whole festival"The Sun

''An absolutely imperial set"The Times

Pet Shop Boys signed to Parlophone in 1985 and since then have achieved seven platinum, two gold and four silver albums in the UK alone while their releases have sold consistently all around the world. ‘Ultimate’ brings together some of their biggest hits.

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