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    Jon Barlow / 3Beat
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£1 Pound Fish Man



“I'm still singing One Pound Fish! Damn we should have put him through #mistake
– Gary Barlow

#1PoundFishman is gangster!! #FutureHit !!!”
– Rio Ferdinand

Last week ended with a feature in The Sun who declared: “It might just be the Christmas No. 1.” and The Official Charts Company naming it as a renegade contender for the Christmas #1 single.

Now William Hill are the first major bookies to jump on board: The £1 Fish Man looks a lively outsider for the Christmas number one and we have installed the song at 25/1 to take the top spot,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “To put that in perspective, he is twice as likely as Justin Bieber to take the top spot and four times as likely as Sir Cliff Richard.”

After over 3.5 million hits on YouTube, people have been carping on about the brilliance of £1 Fish Man for weeks. Now, due to popular demand, you’ll be hearing
a whole lot more about him with the ofishial release of ‘One Pound Fish’ on December 9th for less than the cost of a £1 fish.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, now known as £1 Fish Man, moved to London’s East End having left his native Pakistan and his wife and four children to discover a better life for them all. Working on a market stall selling fish, Nazir needed a trader’s call to grab passing trade. His song became the stuff of legend and a viral sensation: “Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish.
Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish."

After a video of him was uploaded to YouTube, Nazir saw himself accelerated into
the spotlight: he auditioned on the X-Factor,saw his ‘£1 Fish Song’ covered separately by superstar producer Timbaland and singer Alesha Dixon and was profiled
by the Evening Standard who declared:  “Watch out Psy, you've got a rival”

After hearing it, the folks at One More Tune decided to help Nazir make his song a hit. Together, they tried rock, sole, skate-punk and drum ‘n’ bass until they found a style that they both thought was the dog’s polloks.

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One Pound Fish